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Headquartered in Miami Florida our firm has litigated cases throughout the United States.
Founding partners Carmen Vizcaino and Khurrum Wahid have lectured on topics such as money laundering, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, paternity, child custody, small business administrative law violations, as well as diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
We aim to provide personalized and confidential service to our clients, while providing unwavering advocacy in court.



Money laundering can take several forms such as structuring violations, currency exchanges, and fraudulent invoicing in cash heavy businesses. In the U.S. legal system, fraud is a specific offense with certain features. Fraud requires knowingly making false representations in order to gain a financial benefit. Legal actions against those alleged to commit fraud can be either criminally prosecuted or civilly litigated, or both.

Actual charges related to fraud include bank, wire, mortgage, and healthcare fraud. Further identity theft, which is a separate criminal charge, can be added to any other fraud charge. Most common types of mortgage fraud cases involve alleged deceptions in the process of acquiring bank loans such as misrepresentations on the loan application, use of buyers who are not the real buyers, and falsification of documents. Most common types of healthcare fraud involve billing of medicare and medicaid by a health care provider, falsification of documents related to the existence of a health care facility, and paying intermediaries for patient referrals.




Under Florida law, paternity may be determined in two ways: (1) marriage – a child born during a marriage is presumed to be the child of the husband; or (2) establishment through the Florida courts in the form of an Establishment of Paternity case. Paternity provides rights to both a child and the parents of the child. Through paternity, a child may be entitled to federal benefits such as social security or military benefits, information on family medical history, and health insurance support. A parent receives certain legal rights and is entitled to be involved in legal decisions regarding the child, to obtain child support, and to receive visitation or custody.

When a child is not the product of a marriage, paternity can be established in several ways: An agreement from both parties to paternity; A court order establishing paternity after genetic testing or the couple gets married after the child is born and provides an updated birth record to establish paternity.

Where paternity is contested, either the mother of a child, or any man who has reason to believe that he is the father of a child, may bring a petition to establish paternity before the Florida courts. A refusal to participate in a paternity proceeding, may result in a "default" of the parties absence. Additionally, any male who believes he has fathered a child outside of marriage may also file with the Florida Putative Father Registry to record his parental rights. Any party wishing to contest paternity, must serve a petition with an affidavit alleging they are not the biological father of the child with evidence to support. As with establishing paternity, a disestablishment of paternity will typically rely on the results of genetic testing.

Whether you are seeking to establish paternity or are contesting an assertion of paternity, we are dedicated to serving your needs. We have the experience to assist you in this course of action.



Both state and federal systems have complex guidelines and minimum mandatory sentences for possession and trafficking of drugs within the United State and abroad. Drug crimes that are often charged include possession, trafficking and growing of marijuana, heroine, cocaine, crack, oxycodone, methamphetamine, and several less commonly known drugs. State legislators have also enacted laws banning the use of "fake" drugs and these criminal penalties often carry the same consequences as other prohibited narcotics.



Sex crimes range from sharing or downloading of pornography related to minor children, lewd and lascivious behavior regarding minors, sexual assault, trafficking of humans for sexual purposes, and several other such offenses. Sex crime charges can have both state and federal system implications that have far reaching consequences such as minimum mandatory prison sentencing guidelines, and the lifetime requirement of registering as a sexual offender, and/or sexual predator and indefinite civil commitment in a hospital.



Post Patriot Act legislation is increasingly broad and sweeping. Matters that may be charged include material support of terrorism, violations of the classified procedures act, wire fraud and money laundering. Individuals and business have been placed on the specially blocked persons or nationals list and banned from financial transactions by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). Further, individuals have had security clearances removed without due process resulting in a loss of employment. Behavior which was previously looked upon as innocuous under the law, can now be swept up under the broad reading of the support statutes. In many cases, it is not acts of violence that are actually prosecuted, but financial actions which have run afoul of Federal finance and banking regulations.



License to accept Supplemental Nutrition Acceptance Program Benefits (SNAP) also known as Food Stamps

The administrate regulations for businesses accepting SNAP benefits are daunting and confusing. Failure to abide by any of the many requirements put forth by the USDA can result in a suspension or complete termination of your business’ ability to accept Food Stamps. This can be a heavy financial burden to businesses who not only accept these benefits but also profit from the collateral sales of non-food stamp products.

The best defense against such violations is to be proactive in training and knowing what your business can do to protect against the USDA removing your ability to accept these benefits. Our firm helps businesses who are fighting the government against the potential loss of SNAP licenses. We recommend proactively learning how to avoid the pitfalls that often result in federal and state action to revoke this important stream of income.


Unlike SNAP benefits, check cashing and alcohol and tobacco sales are actually regulated by different governmental bodies, both State and Federal. There are a host of regulations and mandates that must be put in place at your business in order to not run afoul of these laws. A proactive approach is best, but if your business is served with a violation, early intervention and defense is essential to keep from losing these vital assets of your business.



This area includes complex civil litigation both in State and Federal Courts. Litigation is often the last remedy when conflicts arise. Businesses are in the business of generating revenue and not expending it on litigation. Individuals and businesses have rights and the only way to seek justice and equity is to enforce those rights with the weight of the courts.



Divorce can be emotional and difficult. Our goal is to handle your family situation in a manner that causes the least difficulty for all of you. It is our goal to execute your interest in a manner which is efficient and always in your best interest. Divorce matters include either a contested or uncontested divorce, meaning the parties agree or disagree to the divorce. With an uncontested divorce, our firm strives to close your case within 30-45 days. Contested divorces may or may not involve litigation, depending on the issues. If your case involves child custody or time sharing arrangements, these issues can oftentimes be complex and daunting to those that do not understand what they are entitled to under Florida law. Whether it is an uncontested divorce or a complex child custody issue, you will receive the same personalized care.


It is not uncommon for domestic violence cases to accompany divorce. Whether they are criminal or civil domestic violence injunctions, these are serious and have significant collateral consequences for the person having an injunction issued against them. For the person in fear of imminent danger, an application for an injunction and proper legal guidance with a restraining order request, can make all the difference in your future and divorce proceedings.


Even if the divorce occurred years ago or you were never married, issues surrounding children always arise. Circumstances change, children's needs change, employment and income may fluctuate. With our expertise, our firm can handle all types of Modifications.


This is a new and broadening area of the law in Florida, evolving every day. The unique issues that same-sex couples will face will more than likely surround issues dealing with the custody of children that are adopted or consumed through artificial insemination. Our firm is willing to fight for the issues that are important to you while developing law equal to all.



When U.S. based clients wish to invest abroad or foreign companies seek investments within the United States, careful consideration of both U.S. and laws abroad is required. Our expansive web of connections throughout both the European, Latin American, Arab and South Asian regions allows for building bridges over complex international matters. Our collaboration with tax experts and CPAs who handle many international clients will allow for both the contractual and tax protections one would seek in order to confidentially navigate international business transactions.

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